Gold Matter


Simon Waranch Painting. Each is unique and one of a kind. Please contact for availability. 


This large piece represents the evolution of my works. Titled “Gold Matter”, the unique style incorporates glass blowing, centrifical force and edgy coloring to evoke a new idea in glass. The distinct burnt golden color mixes with indentions in the glass to form a shadowy, yet shimmering look. It is hard not to look at it with admiration. 

Swan Series








Blue and White Functional Forms


Childhood Dreams Series




The front piece is a optic mold goblet. A optic mold is a bronze mold with ridges in it. After gathering molten glass, the glass is dropped and blown into the mold to get ridges on the exterior of the piece.


Behind the optic goblet is a footed vessel. The footed vessel is aqua blue. This is the study of how color is perceived and received with a natural texture in front of it.  (Please contact for prices)



The silhouette of a Swan is the inspiration. The body is meant to be simple while the neck is supposed to reflect the fluidity and elasticity of a Swan's neck. The white swan is 17 inches in height and the blue swan is 13 inches in height.



 This is a 15 inch tall vessel using the Incalmo technique. The Incalmo technique is a process in glassblowing where two separate bubbles are opened up and joined together to create one.  (Sold)


Peacock Feathers

This is a glass-blown vessel. My inspiration of the design comes from the feather’s of a peacock. This is 10 inches in. height.  (Please contact for prices) 


Simon Screenprint

Obscure Figure


The Swan Series is a grouping of sculptural vessels inspired by the silhouette of swan’s. Each swan is one of a kind. These range from 9- 17 inches in height.  (Please contact for prices)


This is a glass blown vessel inspired from the Italian master Lino Tagliapietra. There are three different color techniques used in this piece. The first is "Cane". Cane is a glassblowing technique that is used to add intricate patterns or designs to glass.The second is Murini. Murini is a Italian term for colored patterns or images made in a glass cane. The third is Millefiori, which is a type of Murini. Millefiori is the concentric layers of different colors that create star or flower shapes; in this way the surface of the glass decorated like this reminds us a flower field.

Below  is a close up of the design.


These Goblets are a series of six functional drinking vessels. Each is uniquely influenced by a different style of Venetian glass. Three of them are clear glass and the others are "Opaline"(color). Opaline is a soft transparent milky white. These Goblets range from 7-11 inches in height. (Sold)


This is a series of functional vessels. Each unique piece is patterned with "Cane". Cane is a glassblowing technique that is used to add intricate patterns or designs to blown glass objects. The cane used in these pieces is white with blue wrapping around it. The purpose of these pieces is to be functional and elegant. These vessels range from 6-14 inches in height.   (Limited Available, Please contact for prices)


The Childhood Dreams series is a collection of utilitarian vessels. The color technique used in this series is frit. Frit is crushed colored glass. Nine different colors where mixed to create the effect. (Sold)


Fused Glass On Wood 

This piece started as a glass blown cup. I then broke the cup and fused the shards together to create a intricate design. Next I designed a digital image and sealed it to wood. Following that I connected the fused glass on top of the digital image on top of the wood. This piece is a mixed media study of actual and implied texture through line.  (Please contact for prices)


Fused Glass On Wood No.2

This is my second study with fused glass. This is 18 inches by 5 inches. The media’s used in this piece are wood, metal, digital image, and fused glass.  (Please contact for prices)

Millefiori Footed Vessels


This Millefiori Footed Vessels were created to be a coupled series of functional wear.  The design and function was tailored to simplicity; therefore, I focus mainly on the technical processes of creating cups and later adding a foot.  The sparse application of millefiori aids in the overall feeling of light, gentle functionality within the footed vessels.  (Sold)

Silvered Goblet


This is a optic mold footed vessel. After gathering molten glass, the glass is shaped and dropped into an optic mold that gives the surface of the piece ridges. Then air is blown in the back of the blowpipe.  Then, the cup is blown and shaped, next a small amount of glass is added to create a “merese” which is the connecting point for the cup and foot of the piece. After the merese is put on and shaped a bubble is dropped on it and is what becomes the foot of the vessel.  After the piece is finished and has cooled down I mix silver nitrate and mirror the inside of the cup. The mirrored effect gives a thin layer of silver on the interior of the cup. (Sold)




Organic Geometry